Ratahi- enquiry requested.


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    Ratahi- enquiry requested.  Empty Ratahi- enquiry requested.

    Post by musashi on Tue Jul 19, 2011 10:49 pm

    I followed the Ratahi incident via 'Stuff' with interest and see that the family of Ratahi have requested a full enquiry into the death.

    Now the only info I have is from what I have read on Stuff however maybe before starting to point the finger at Police the courts need to be held accountable for the pathetic sentences handed down.

    According from what I read Ratahi appeared in court in early June on a number of charges in relation to assaults upon his former partner. He was apparently convicted of Aggravated Assault using a weapon with intent to cause greivous harm. I appreciate that there are some differences in legislation between our countries however such charges here potentially carries a LIFE sentence. Certainly it is unlikely that you'd get the full term however that being said he would have served at least a year, probably a lot longer with a suspended sentence hanging over his head upon release.

    I see that Ratahi actually only had to serve 8 weeks! With no suspended or other sentenced apparently hanging over him. Presumably he was only just released, immediately breached a restraining and trespass order and, as we now know, is now dead!

    Had he been sentenced to an appropriate and deterring sentence he would still be locked up safely- safe for both himself and his victim.

    As cops we are always under the microscope, almost every decision we make, often in a split second is reviewed and reviewed in the press and later in the coronial and other courts.
    Why is it that the judiciary are never held accountable for their inappropriate sentences?


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